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WWF-Philippines’ Corporates for a Better Planet Initiative invites private entities to operate more sustainably amidst the climate crisis

Online ManilaWWF-Philippines’ Corporates for a Better Planet Initiative invites private entities to operate more sustainably amidst the climate crisis | To address the threats of climate change, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines works with the private sector in adopting sustainability in corporate strategy through the Corporates for a Better Planet Initiative (CBPI).

A flagship program of WWF-Philippines, CBPI provides technical support to companies in developing or reviewing their sustainability strategy, using the latest science-backed frameworks aligned with Philippine regulations.  The program of activities under CBPI is customized per company, as WWF recognizes different levels and starting points of climate and sustainability commitment that have implications on what a company would need to address and how quickly and intensely if they are to make any claims or sustainability or climate action.

With the Philippines being one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change, it is crucial for businesses to address environmental issues and adequately determine their risk and impacts. It is increasingly possible to identify how much of a company’s profits is ‘unsustainable’ after internalizing impacts and costs that were previously not included in company financial reports. Transformation to a green/blue economy needs to happen now, as our country’s peak growth years given our population make up will last for the next 2-3 decades. CBPI takes a holistic, progressive approach and aims to work with large and small companies alike to accelerate transformation in the private sector.

Real-estate development key player NEO is the first private entity to join CBPI,  committing to integrate an actionable and more conscious functional framework to address climate-related risks. Through the partnership, WWF-PH provided extensive assistance in the production of the company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report to assess the organization’s current state regarding sustainability.

NEO’s Chief Executive Officer Raymond Rufino shared that their organization is eager to be a pioneer in building green, healthy, and resilient establishments.

“Through the program, WWF guided us with their bespoke approach to ESG reporting to draft and develop a report that would be relevant, concrete, and impactful while fully compliant with global standards and benchmarks and aligned with WWF best practices for sustainability,” said Rufino. “We are very grateful for the successful partnership with WWF and wholeheartedly encourage other organizations to join the CBPI program! Together we can #ChangeTheEnding.”

In developing a concrete action plan, NEO commits to several focus areas, including Climate Action, Resource Efficiency, and Infrastructure Resilience. These outline the necessary steps that still prioritize economic interests while fostering a greater positive purpose—something many local companies can certainly accomplish too.

NEO has successfully completed the first step of measuring its sustainability level and is currently in its second phase which involves creating a detailed roadmap to achieving its targets. On the other hand, WWF-Philippines is actively engaging other corporations to pave the way toward sustainable development.

By joining the CBPI, businesses, and organizations can make their impact through sustainable visions and roadmaps and contribute to the overall target of the Philippines on the path towards sustainability and resilience. Moreover, the corporate sector can develop and achieve sustainable approaches through the three main processes of the program: Measure, Manage, and Maintain.

Businesses and economies can never thrive on a dying planet—WWF-Philippines welcomes the contributions of technical cooperations in amplifying the efforts and highlighting the shared responsibility across all sectors in working towards a resilient future. Through CBPI, the organization trusts that more corporations will take on the challenge to #ChangeTheEnding for the next generation.

About WWF-Philippines:

The World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines is an environmental non-government organization committed to create an impact on biodiversity protection and responding to the climate crisis -towards a safe and just recovery. WWF-Philippines works with a host of partners including national and local governments, to co-create inclusive, innovative, and interdisciplinary solutions that emphasize the role of science in the service of life.

WWF-Philippines’ focus is on scaled solutions with our partners to match the enormity of the tasks required to address the urgent environmental challenges facing the present and next generations of Filipinos. Its mission is “to stop, and eventually reverse the accelerating degradation of the Philippine environment – to build a future where Filipinos live in harmony with nature.”

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