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Atty. DJ Jimenez receives Natatanging Manilenyo Award for Law

Atty. DJ Jimenez receives Natatanging Manilenyo Award for Law

DJ Jimenez ‘Pinoy Street Lawyer Gets Natatanging Manilenyo Award for Law

Online Manila | MANILA, June 22, 2023 | by Homerun Nievera, Editor | Atty. Danielito ‘DJ’ Jimenez receives Gawad Manilenyo award from City of Manila for his contributions to the Law Practice. In today’s ceremonies held in Manila, Atty. DJ Jimenez was chosen for the “Natatanging Manilenyo sa Larangan ng Kasanayan sa Batas” award in this year’s annual event, recognizing outstanding constituents of the City of Manila. Atty. An alumnus and currently enrolled in UST College of Law’s Doctor of Civil Law Program, Atty. Jimenez’s work as a “street lawyer” has helped a lot of people learn about the law by making it easier to understand, as well as educating people on his Facebook page, The Pinoy Street Lawyer.

Atty. DANIELITO D. JIMENEZ a.k.a. THE PINOY STREET LAWYER with Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna and Vice Mayor Yul Servo
Atty. DANIELITO D. JIMENEZ a.k.a. THE PINOY STREET LAWYER with Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna and Vice Mayor Yul Servo

Atty. DJ as he is fondly called is a true bloodied Manileño. An authentic Batang Sampaloc of Manila who was born and raised and completed all his schooling in Sampaloc Manila and has been teaching at the University of Santo Tomas located in this City and has been lawyering in Manila for the past 25 years.

He has been considered a community leader inside and outside of Manila, having been a former President of the Central Student Council in his college days in UST as well as the Founding President of the Thomasian Alumni Leaders, Inc., also in UST, as well as a former consultant to the National Security Adviser during the Duterte Administration. He was also a member of the IBP Manila Chapter III when he passed the 1997 Bar Exams.

Atty. DJ’s scholarly achievements are also impeccable. Atty. DJ started as a Math teacher at the University of Santo Tomas and later has been a law professor at the same university where he taught at the UST Faculty of Civil Law and presently as a senior faculty member at the Faculty of Arts and Letters Legal Management Department in the same university. Aside from his law degree and international programs, he also completed his Master of Laws at the UST Graduate School of Law shortly before the Pandemic in 2019 and obtained a general weighted average of 1.056 and successfully defended his paper on “Debunking the Non-existence of Domestic Violence Against Men – A Basis to Revisit R.A.9262”, a paper also recently published by the UST Law Review Journal. Currently, Atty. DJ is also a candidate for a Doctor of Law at the same university.

For over 25 years, Atty. DJ has been a familiar face in the Hall of Justice where he practices law as a litigation attorney. Outside, and for more than a decade, Atty. DJ is also contributing to public service through his pro bono page “The Pinoy Street Lawyer” intended to address a variety of queries from the marginalized and a platform for reaching out to the masses in simplifying the law. He also advocated wellness and self-care on this platform. This also gave Atty. DJ has the same opportunity to be invited to several platforms as a legal authority. These platforms include television networks as well as other online advocacy pages. Some of these platforms where he shares his legal opinion on a variety of national issues include, TV 5, CNN Philippines, IBC 13, ABS CBN, and GMA Network as well as other radio programs like DZBB and DZMM, and Radyo Pilipinas. He is also a resident lawyer of Anthony Taberna’s UncutTunying and James Deakin’s Tito C’lock. Atty. DJ has also been invited as a guest speaker in different school gatherings including UST Legal Management, UST Junior High School, St. Scholastica’s Academy of Marikina, St. Joseph’s College, Philippine Normal University, and Claret School. He was also invited as a guest speaker at the Anti-Fraud Unit of the United States Embassy.


In the international scene, he was also a Philippine Delegate and Ambassador of Goodwill during the 18th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and the Philippines and attended and completed the Special Summer Class on Global Lawyering at the Fordham Law School Bronx, New York in 2008 and have attended international conventions on Social Reintegration and Psychosocial Adjustment in Former Child Soldiers by the Mission of Republic of Liberia, United Nations Head Quarters, New York City as well as International Water Conference at the same venue.