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Automotive Service Excellence in Bicol: The Story of VPX Sorsogon City

Online Manila | Automotive Service Excellence in Bicol: The Story of VPX Sorsogon City | In 2019, an exciting addition to Sorsogon City’s economic landscape was established. The very first franchise of ValuePlus Auto Services Philippines Inc. under its VPX brand, VPX Sorsogon City, owned by GearFoot Inc., a group of local physicians, planted its roots in this vibrant city. In less than half a decade, it has dramatically transformed the local auto service sector and become a symbol of economic opportunity and advancement for the community. This is not just a story of car repair and maintenance; it’s a tale of community development and empowerment.

From its inception, VPX Sorsogon City was more than just an auto service hub—it represented an economic opportunity for the locals. Since its opening, the branch has managed to secure an impressive 31% of the market share, indicating its fast-paced growth and the community’s trust. But the impact does not end with numbers. The VPX branch’s real success story lies in its remarkable contribution to employment and family life within Sorsogon City.

Before VPX’s arrival, many highly skilled technicians and mechanics from Sorsogon had to leave their families behind and travel to Metro Manila or abroad to seek employment. The opportunities at home were few and far between, and the pursuit of a better life often meant distance from loved ones. VPX Sorsogon City has been instrumental in reversing this trend. The branch has offered local mechanics and technicians the opportunity to practice their trade right in their hometown, eliminating the need to travel far for work.

“This isn’t just about providing auto service and repair; it’s about building a community. Our technicians now have the chance to apply their skills and provide for their families without leaving Sorsogon. It’s a win for them, and it’s a win for us,” says Mark Saberola, the General Manager of ValuePlus.Automotive Service Excellence

The effects of this local employment boom extend beyond individual technicians. Families that once had to endure the absence of their loved ones can now enjoy the comfort and joy of living together. With improved income and no need to bear the cost and emotional strain of living distantly, the quality of life of these families has significantly improved.

VPX Sorsogon City is a casa alternative and a testament to what’s possible when businesses prioritize both economic viability and community welfare. But the team is not resting on its laurels. They are constantly seeking ways to improve their services, bring more value to their customers, and contribute more deeply to their community.

The commitment to customer service, combined with a strong sense of social responsibility, is what truly sets VPX Sorsogon City apart. They are more than just an auto repair and service center—they’re an integral part of the Sorsogon community, and they are here to stay.

GearFoot Inc.’s foresight and dedication have proven fruitful, not only in terms of market share but, more importantly, in making a positive impact on the lives of Sorsogon City residents. This is the VPX promise—a commitment to quality, community, and care. From the province’s skilled technicians to the families who rely on their services, VPX Sorsogon City is creating a lasting impact on a community level, one service at a time.